【ChessRush】S9 Silent Update


【Hero Adjustment – Totemface】
The required number of attacks is fixed at 3, and the magic damage is increased to 250/350/550

[Hero Adjustment – Urellia]Stun time increased to 1.5 seconds

[Hero Adjustment – Poseidon]The amount of restoration increased to 1/1/2, and the restoration effect increased to 10%/15%/25%

[Hero Adjustment – Firefur]Damage bonus effect increased to 15%/25%/35%

[Hero Adjustment – Lancelot]Shield effect increased to 400/550/700 points

[Hero Adjustment – Dark Mage]The number of bounces is fixed at 9, and the damage is increased to 650/1000/1350

[Hero Adjustment – Shakaraka]The stun time is fixed at 2 seconds at al levels

[Hero Adjustment – Kraken]

Attacks 3/4/5 closet enemy, dealing 400/500/600 magic damage and leashing them for 2s.

[Hero Adjustment – Werewolf]Werewolf is now a Summoner instead of Warrior

【Synergy Adjustment – 6 Cyborgs】
Adjusted all health restoration from 200 to 150 hp regen per second.

[Synergy Adjustment – 2/4 Voids]Increased the effect of Magic Chain to 40%/80%

[Synergy Adjustment- 3/6 Assassins]The critical strike probability is adjusted to 25%/35%, and the critical strike multiplier is increased to 200%/300%

[Synergy Adjustment – 6 Easterns]Adjusted the number of Ascension buff to only 2 units